Experts with system.

When two people study the same subject, both do a doctorate, work together, complement each other and then decide to join together to realise a project in which each brings their own individual knowledge and skills - then these two experts become an expert system.

Dedication from conviction

We founded ToxRat Solutions in 2002. Being originally biologists, we were and still are convinced about the necessity of an interface between ecotoxicology and statistics. In ToxRat, we pool our many years‘ experience in biology, statistics and ecotoxicology to create user-friendly solutions for the statistical evaluation of biotests. ToxRat´s solutions are offered to users from government, academia and industry. Today we enjoy a loyal customer base spread throughout the whole of Europe and beyond.

ToxRat – Your guide to biotest-statistics

ToxRat is not simply just a software company. More than anything else we are service providers. Your personal interface between ecotoxicology and statistics.
We place the highest value on prompt and qualified customer service and effective and individual advice.

Guaranteed reliability.

ToxRat Solutions is a small company – with reason. There is no hierarchy, no complicated chain of command, no varying levels of expertise. Instead there is flexibility, a fast response and clear competence.

Your experts with system

ToxRat Solutions – that’s us: Dr Monika Ratte and Prof. Dr Hans Toni Ratte. Yours experts with system. “Only“ two. That’s precisely your advantage. For you know just who you are dealing with.