Significantly different.

Do you work

  • the field of ecotoxicology and evaluate biotests?

Do you need

  • ... to register, evaluate or authorise substances (REACH)?

Are you looking for

  • ... validated and user friendly statistics software that takes into account the requirements of international guidelines (DIN EN ISO/OECD) as well as GLP?

From biologists for biologists: more than just a software program.

We provide software, service and support for statistical evaluation of biotests in ecotoxicology. ToxRat comes as a validated, GLP compliant software, especially designed for the practitioner who wants to perform statistical analysis of biotests according to international guidelines (DIN EN ISO, OECD).

Userfriendly, taylormade, individual.

ToxRat acts as an interface between ecotoxicology and statistics. Behind it lies a small team with extensive knowledge. Knowledge that we gladly pass on to you. In training courses and seminars as well as through personal and individual support. ToxRat Solutions GmbH – we don’t just develop software. We offer solutions. Significantly different. Yet exactly right for your needs.


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