A lifetime of experience.

Dr. Monika Ratte

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1983-1990 Degree in biology RWTH Aachen (Aachen University)
Diploma (master) thesis (ecology, microbiology, protein chemistry, IT)
Student assistant for statistics training, amongst others

1990-1993 Doctorate at the Institute for atmospherical chemistry, Research Centre Jülich.(Prof. Dr D. Ehhalt, University of Cologne)

1991-1992 Additional employment: Lecturer in IT at the Volkshochschule of the city of Aachen (adult education centre)

1993-1997 Research associate at the Institute for atmospherical chemistry, Research Centre Jülich, in the area of emissions of volatile organic compounds from terrestrial plants.

1997-1999 Maternity leave

2000-2001 Self employed (statistical evaluation of biotests)

2002 Founding of ToxRat Solutions GmbH 


Awarded the Borchers Medal of Aachen University for passing the doctoral examination with distinction

Dissertation was awarded the Friedrich-Wilhelm prize of Aachen University

Awarded the Günther-Leibfried prize of the Research Centre Jülich for the “written and oral presentation of the dissertation results in a generally comprehensive manner for a broad, interested public“.

Passing on knowledge

July 2008 Workshop “Introduction to Biostatistics and ToxRat Solutions”, University of Aveiro, Portugal

 Since 2008 various regular in-house training courses “Statistics in ecotoxicology” at national and international companies, government agencies and institutes


Conferences attended

SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting, Nantes, France, May 2016 (Exhibitor)
SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, May 2015 (Exhibitor)
SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting, Basel, Switzerland, May 2014 (Exhibitor)
SETAC Europe 23th Annual Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland, May 2013 (Exhibitor)
SETAC World Conference, Berlin, 20.-24. May 2012 (Exhibitor)
SETAC GLB Annual Meeting, Landau, 18.-20.09.2011 (Exhibitor)
Anual Meeting of SETAC GLB and GdCh in Dessau-Roßlau, 6.-9. September 2010 (Exhibitor)
SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting, Seville, Spanien, Mai 2010
SETAC GLB Annual Meeting, Weihenstephan, 5.-7.10.2009 (Exhibitor)
SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting, Göteborg, Schweden, June 2009
SETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting, Warschau, Polen May 2008
Symposium “Verfahren der ökotoxikologischen Risikobewertung in der Umweltsicherung”, Koblenz, Germany (Febr. 2008)
EGS Conference, May 3-7 1993, Wiesbaden, Germany.
ACCESS II-Meeting, June 17-19 1993, Cambridge, MA, USA
Atmospheric Chemistry Gordon Conference, June 1993, New Port, Rhode Island, USA
NATAC 91 Workshop in Odessa, Ukrainia, June 1992
EGS (European Geophysical Society) Conference, April 6-10 1992, Edinburgh, UK.
SETAC North America 12. Annual Meeting, Nov.3-7 1991, Seattle, USA


Stefan Gartiser, Ines Heisterkamp, Ute Schoknecht, Nicole Bandow, Michael Burkhardt, Monika Ratte,Outi Ilvonen (2017)
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Additionally: several poster and oral presentations