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ToxRat sets the course for the future.

New look, new team member, lots of new ideas - and proven content.
More details soon on our new website in time for our 20th anniversary in 2022.

December 2021

The current alert in the IT world regarding Log4 shell security vulnerability has led to enquiries as to what extent ToxRat is affected, i.e. whether the widely used Java library Log4j is used in ToxRat.

The unequivocal all-clear is:
ToxRat is programmed in Delphi, the Java library Log4j is not used in ToxRat.
Furthermore: ToxRat is a completely independent stand-alone software that is installed locally at the user's site. When the programme is started, there is no communication with other software programmes or externally. ToxRat even does not require internet access for operation.
This is a clear advantage compared to cloud-based applications in terms of IT security.

We hope that this information will support our users' internal measures regarding the Log4 shell security vulnerability.


Future prospects

After two years without a physical meeting, we are looking forward to the SETAC Europe conference in May 2022.

See you in Copenhagen!

October 2021

The demand for training is increasing - and the online format not only saves time and money for all involved, but also offers more flexibility, e.g. courses can easily be split into two half days. We put the travel time saved into even more customization to meet the needs of the participants. We are very pleased with the response and feel confirmed to continue on this path:

"Firstly, please allow me send HUGE THANK YOU!a ! for the wonderful training.  I was just getting some feedback from the team, and this will really add a lot of value to their work and indeed be positive for our clients so please accept my sincere thanks for delivering this so well and in a tailored fashion.  It’s a very hard subject to deliver and everyone was really positive about the content and how it was delivered."

“It was really clear. Good to see a statistician with great communication skills for the non-statisticians.”

May 2021

Anschreiben an Kunden_Zukunft ToxRat

ToxRat sets the course for the future!

actually, we hoped to meet users, business partners and colleagues - that is YOU - at the upcoming annual SETAC meeting in May.
However – this will not work due to the ongoing pandemic. This means: one more year without personal contact, face-to-face discussions and informal information about ToxRat´s future.

That is a great pitty – since indeed, we have a lot of plans and ideas. For some time now we have been dealing with the question: How to set the course for ToxRat´s future? Let me briefly tell you the most important aspects:

ToxRat-future-Information May 2021

April 2021

News on NOEC determination
A recently published paper confirms the relevance of CPCAT for the analysis of count data:

Daniels, B., Roß‐Nickoll, M., Jänsch, S., Pieper, S., Römbke, J., Scholz‐Starke, B. and Ottermanns, R. (2021), Application of the Closure Principle Computational Approach Test to Assess Ecotoxicological Field Studies: Comparative Analysis Using Earthworm Field Test Abundance Data. Environ Toxicol Chem

The CPCAT will be implemented in the next ToxRat update.

Further information can be also found here:
Lehmann et al. 2018:
Lehmann et al. 2016:

December 2020

Challenge as a chance
Admittedly - it took some getting used to.  But certainly, the online format has proved to be very successful also in user support. Any questions regarding ToxRat?
See you :-)

July 2020

Online Seminar

Seminars and Trainings 2.0
We changed our seminars and trainings to online format. Initial experiences with online training were very positive, so we are now expanding and continuing this format. Please contact us if you are interested!

May 2020

Logo SETAC Dublin

ToxRat, Corona and the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, Dublin

Due to measures against the coronavirus, the SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting on 3-7 May will be held in the virtual space.
We fully agree with this decision and greatly appreciate the immense efforts of the organizers, to bear this extraordinary challenge on such short notice.

Please read our message to visitors of the virtual exhibition here.

We wish SETAC and all participants great success at the virtual meeting!

Hope to see you again soon. Take care!


November 2019

Guideline developement for Glyceria maxima and ringtesting is still going on.  A poster presented at the SETAC North America Meeting, Totonto, shows the current state and answers the question, whether root variables are appropriate endpoints.

Testing the emergent macrophyte, Glyceria maxima, in a water-sediment system: progress towards development of an OECD Test Guideline

July 2019

Foto: Oliver Happel
Photo: O. Happel

From 2019 to 2022, ToxRat will again participate in a project of the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) investigating the toxicity and environmental compatibility of construction products for outdoor applications.
Further information is available here (in German):

Methoden und Kriterien zur Bewertung der Ökotoxizität von Bauprodukten


May 2019

ToxRat again is an exhibitor at the SETAC-Europe-Annual Meeting, to be held from May 26-30 in Helsinki, Finnland.  We are looking forward to meet you (again) at booth no 22.

January 2019

New training course: Statistical Power Analysis
Since January,  we are offering additional training courses about statistical power analysis and experimental designs of ecotoxicological semi-field and field studies.

The course introduces theoretical principles of hypothesis testing, a-priori considerations for sound experimental designs and measures of after-the-fact reliability of study results. Beyond theory, the focus lies on practical exercises using open-source software tools and gives room for discussion of the specific problems of the participants. For this reason, using your own data is highly welcome. As usual, the specific contents might be customized. Just let us know your needs!

December 2018

To be continued: News regarding NOEC-determination from reproduction data
René Lehmann, Jean Bachmann, Bilgin Karaoglan, Jens Lacker, Glenn Lurman, Christian Polleichtner, Hans Toni Ratte and Monika Ratte (2018):
The CPCAT as a novel tool to overcome the shortcomings of NOEC/LOEC statistics
in ecotoxicology: a simulation study to evaluate the statistical power.
Environ Sci Eur (2018) 30:50


October 2018

Update ToxRat 3.3.0 released.

Details about "What is new in ToxRat 3.3.0" are to be found in the customer area.

May 2018

Logo SETAC Europe Conference 2018, Rome

ToxRat Solutions again attended the SETAC Europe Meeting 2018  from 13th to 17 th May as exhibitor .  We enjoyed both a lot of new contacts and meeting again several existing users. Thanks to all who joined us!

We also contributed to a poster presented at the SETAC Europe Meeting 2018 in Rome, showing the current state of the process of ringtesting Glyceria maxima. ToxRat performed the statistical evaluation.
Testing the emergent macrophyte, Glyceria maxima, in a water-sediment system

April 2018

ToxRat was asked to contribute to the Duckweed Forum: How can our software support the statistical evaluation of Lemna Growth Inhibitions tests?
The article describes the features of our ToxRat software and how to use it in ecotoxicology, with Duckweed Test as an example.

ToxRat: Custom-designed Software for Statsitical Evaluation of Duckweed Growth Inhibition Test.

December 2017

ToxRat again contributes to the postgraduate training program "Ecotoxicology": From 11.-15. December 2017 Toni Ratte will educate 18 participants in "Statistics in Ecotoxicology". The trainig program is organized by SETAC GLB (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - German Language Branch)  and GDCh (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker). Fore more information please click here.

November 2017

A poster presented at the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting, 12-16 November, Minneapolis, USA, shows first results of a ringtest with Glyceria maxima. ToxRat performed the statistical evaluation.

May 2017

Logo SETAC Brussels 2017

Another opportunity to meet us (again) was given at the SETAC Europe Conference, hold from 7. to 11. May in Brussels.
Several users took the opportunity to ask their questions to us from face to face.
Both users and interested persons catched up on what is the idea of ToxRat and who is the team behind ToxRat.


January 2002 - January 2017: 15 Years ToxRat

In 2017 we celebrate our 15th Anniversary.
We completed 15 years of software developping, statistical trainings and - especially - providing service and assistance related to statistical evaluation of biotests in ecotoxicology. We are particularly pleased about an increasing number of ToxRat users in Europe and all over the world.
We´d like to thank all business partners and customers for their loyalty and we are looking forward to continue our cooperation in the future.

December 2016

We performed the statistical evaluation of a study carried out on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) - the first publication of the results is now available:
Recommendation for a test battery for the ecotoxicological evaluation of the environmental safety of construction products.
Stefan Gartiser, Ines Heisterkamp, Ute Schoknecht, Nicole Bandow, Michael Burkhardt,Monika Ratte, Outi Ilvonen

July 2016

OECD 243 Extract Recommendation ToxRat
click to enlarge picture

We are pleased to find ToxRat recommended as software for statistical evaluation of biotest data in the recent OECD Guideline for the Lymnea stagnalis Reproduction Test (OECD 243).
We see this as confirmation and as an incentive to continue on our path with ToxRat developping.



May 2016

Logo SETAC Europe Conference 2016, Nantes, F

ToxRat attended the SETAC Europe Conference 2016  from 23.-26. May in Nantes, France, as an exhibitor (booth No 23).

March 2016

Flyer ToxRat_en

Time for a change:

How do you like our new Flyer ?

December 2015

In December 2015 ToxRat Solutions again hold a whole week seminar "Statistics in ecotoxicology" as part of the postgraduate training program  "Ecotoxicology", organized by SETAC GLB (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - German Language Branch) and the GDCh (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker). For more information click here.

Oct 2015

The Update ToxRat 3.2 has been released and is available for download as demo or as update in the customer area of our website.
You are a ToxRat user? Then you will be informed and will get your registration keys automatically via email.
Find more information about ToxRat 3.2.0 in the customer area!

June 2015

New statistical test for analyzing reproduction data - A contribution to the discussion about NOEC determination from reproduction data
R. Lehmann et al: A new approach to overcome shortcomings with multiple testing of reproduction data in ecotoxicology. Journal Stochastic Envirnonmental Research and Risk Assessment:


May 2015

The Update ToxRat 3 has been released and is available for download as demo or as update in the customer area of our website.
You are a ToxRat user? Then you will be informed and will get your registration keys automatically via email.
Find more information here:  What is new in ToxRat 3.pdf

May 2015

Booth No 18, ToxRat, SETAC Europe Conference, 2015

Exhibiton in Barcelona
ToxRat was presented to the 2700 participants of the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, 3.-7. May 2015, in Barcelona, Spain, at exhibition booth no 18.

April 2015

ToxRat website for mobile devices
The performance of our website has been extended to mobile devices. We are looking forward to present a responsive website for your smartphone, tablet PC, etc.

February 2015

Support via online-meeting

In addition to our support by email and phone,  you may contact us by online-meetings and presentations. Get your individual meeting-ID on request.

Access to ToxRat Online Support (please contact us for link and meeting ID):

July 2014

Update ToxRat 3.0.beta is available

In view of the huge amount of new functions and features, a beta test phase of about several months is scheduled. 
For more information see here.

May 2014

Thank you very much... all those who visited us at our booth during the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting 2014, held in Basel, Switzerland, from May 11 to May 15. It was a great pleasure to meet you!

December 2013

A whole week "Statistics in ecotoxicology" - ToxRat Solutions´ contribution to the postgraduate training program  "Ecotoxicology", organized by SETAC GLB (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - German Language Branch) and the GDCh (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker). For details click here.
15 participants learned about how to select an appropriate statistical test and how to assess the results.

November 2013

Publication of the results of an international ring test of the sediment-contakt-test with Myriophyllum aquaticum is in press: 
"Inter-laboratory trial of a standardized sediment contact test with the aquatic plant Myriophyllum aquaticum (ISO 16191)", Feiler et al., Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

May 2013

Co-Author of a Poster Presentation at the SETAC Europe Conference, Glasgow, Schottland: "A proposed OECD Test guideline for the submerged Macrophyte, Myriophyllum, in a Water-Sediment System."
Results of a Myriophyllum Ringtest under the Auspices of the SETAC Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology Group (AMEG) (Report available, see below).

ToxRat attended the 23 rd SETAC-Europe Annual Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, as an exhibitor.

November 2012

ToxRat Solutions performed the Statistical Evaluation of a Ringtest using Myriophyllum aquaticum and Myriophyllum spicatum grown in a Sediment-Water-System. The ringtest was organized under the Auspices of the SETAC Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology Group (AMEG). The final report is now available.


May 2012

ToxRat was an Exhibitor at the 6th SETAC World Congress, Berlin, Germany, May 20-24, 2012


May 2012

ToxRat Solutions performed the Statistical Evaluation of an International Ring Test according to "Sediment contact test with Myriophyllum aquaticum (ISO/DIS 16191)". Results were presented by Feiler et al. at the SETAC World Congress, Berlin, May 2012:


December 2011

New focal point for Hans Toni Ratte
ToxRat-Developer Hans Toni Ratte has retired from his post as professor at the Technical University of Aachen at Decemer 1st 2011.  In future he will focus on his expertise in statistical evaluation of biotests, especially on programing and developing the ToxRat-Software. 

September 2011

The 16th Annual SETAC GLB Meeting took place from September 18 to 20 at the University Koblenz-Landau. ToxRat paricipated as exhibitor.

June 2011

ToxRat´s website has been completey relaunched. Established contents as well as new topics are presented in a new design and with reorganized structure.  It aimes to be informative and quite clearly. Simply enjoy!

May 2011

ToxRat Solutions GmbH performed the Statistical Evaluation of an Inter-Laboratory Ring Test with Myriophyllum spicatum in a water-only-system, organized by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The Final Report is available as pdf.  
First results are published as a poster on the SETAC Europe 21th Annual Meeting, Milan, 15.5.-19.5.2011.


February 2011

Please find the answer to your question  immediatly and regardless of date or time in our new area for Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ). Here both questions about software operation and about general statistics will be answered such as "What´s the difference between Dunnett-Test and William-Test?" "ToxRat indicates an ECx value as being "not valid" - What does this mean?"

September 2010

ToxRat is exhibitor at the Annual Meeting of the “GDCh Fachgruppe Umweltchemie” and the “SETAC GLB”, 6.-9. September 2010, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

May 2010

Attendance in SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting, Seville, 23.5. -27.5.10

March 2010

ToxRat is registered as Community Trade Mark at the OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal market), Alicante, Spain  see certificate

February 2010

Update 2.10.05 released. Find more information here.

October 2009

ToxRat is exhibitor at the 14th Annual SETAC GLB Meeting in Weihenstephan, Germany (5.10.-7.10.09).

June 2009

Attendance in SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting, Göteborg, 31.5. -3.6.09

February 2009

Update ToxRat 2.10 available.
Additional statistical methods implemented (Shapiro-Wilks, Levene-Test), further biotests added (OECD 216 (Nitrogen Transformation), 217 (Carbon Transformation), 226 (Hypoaspis), ISO: Ames Fluctuation Test, Arthrobacter...etc..), Dose response calculation enhanced.

July 2008

Workshop “Introduction to Biostatistics and ToxRat Solutions”, University of Aveiro, Portugal, July 7-11 2008

May 2008

Attendance in SETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting, Warsaw, 25.-29. May