European round robin test for the ecotoxicological characterization of construction products (2020).

Dear participant,

Here you will find the templates for the test protocols and for raw data input valid as of 15 Sept 2020 (and of 23-Sept 2020 for testprotocols Luminescence Inhibition test, respectively).

If you already downloaded any files previously, please download the new files again.
Please ensure that all files used for the round robin test include the date 09_15_2020 (exeption: 09_23_2020 for test protocols  Luminescence Inhoibition test) in file name and in header (protocols) and comments (data templates).

Please use the pdf-symbol top left to save the following instructions and information as pdf!

Test Protocols

Please download the templates for test protocols for all Biotests here:
Test Protocols DSLT
Test Protocols Perc


Data Templates

You will get two templates per biotest: one for the data of the dilution test with DSLT Eluate and one for the data of the dilution test with Perc Eluate.
Exception: For the umu-test, there is only one template for both samples.
I.e. if you perform each of the 5 biotests of the round robin test, you will end up with 9 templates.

Even if you are user of the ToxRat Software: The templates need to be opened and filled in using MS Excel, since ToxRat cannot proceed empty xls-files.

There are several comments available in the data templates providing assistence how to fill in your data. Moreover, it might be helpful to have a look at a set of demo files to get an impression how completed files look like:
download demo data set  

You have to fill in only green cells. Don´t edit, add or delete any cells, rows or columns.

Treatments are given in colums. The treatments are named in terms of dilutions, e.g. 1:128. For your convenience, the required dilutions are already preset in the data templates. Please don´t change the prescribed dilutions.

Replicates are given in rows. If there are missing data, just leave the corresponding cell or row empty.

Please download the required data sets according to the method applied in your laboratory. A data set includes two templates (one for each eluate, except for umu-test). The construction products are specified as "DSLT Eluate" and "Perc Eluate".

Algae Growth Inhibition Test (AGI), DIN EN ISO 8692

Depending on how you perform the Algal Growth Inhibition test (cellcounts, flourescence or microplates measured by fluorescence), there are specific data templates available. Please download the templates according to your needs. If you use fluorescence data: Please pay attention to the calibration sheets included in the templates!

Please note: Only data for test start and test end (72h) are required.

        Fluorescence       Templates for Algae Test Fluorescence

        MicroPlates       Templates for Algae Test performed in MicroPlates (MP)

        Cellcount             Templates for Algae Test Cellcount


Luminescence Inhibition Test, DIN EN ISO 11348

Templates for Luminescence Inhibition Test


Daphnia Acute Test, DIN EN ISO 6341

Templates for Daphnia Test


Fish Egg Acute Test, DIN EN ISO 15088

Templates for Fish Egg Test


Umu Test, ISO 13829, template version of 29-Oct-2020

Template for Umu Test


How to proceed after data input?

Please save any completed file using the following structure of file names:
(Laboratory number) (sample name) (test guideline number).xls

Example: L05_DSLT Eluate_DIN EN ISO 6341.xls    and     L05_Perc Eluate_DIN EN ISO 6341.xls

Attention: Please keep the extension xls, i.e. save the files as xls - not as xlsx! (except for umu test)

Please return both test protocols and data templates to Dr. Ines Heisterkamp, (

Do you need assistence?

In case of any questions regarding the test protocols please contact Dr. Ines Heisterkamp (, Phone +49 (0)761 455 12 21)

In case of any questions regarding the data templates, please contact Dr. Monika Ratte (, Phone +49 (0)2404 676767)