Step by step.

1st step:
Select biotest

2nd step:
Fill in raw data

3rd step:
Select statistical method

either manually

or use default settings

4th step:
Start batch-process

5th step:
Check results

6th step:
Generate report


select rtf oder pdf



view example report

ToxRat saves time.

All statistical evaluations as a “batch order“ at the press of a button (“RUN”)

Please note also:

Calculation of validity criteria and check for validity according the biotest-specific requirements:



Up to 6 effect concentrations user definable. Output of ECx including 95%-Confidence Interval.


NOEC-Determination includes Minimal Detectable Difference (%MDD).

Fit input sheets to your individual experimental design.
In the data input sheets you´ll find the controls and treatments in columns in ascending order. Replicates and measurement intervals are arranged in rows below each other. The number of columns (treatments) and rows (replicates) may be edited by the user. Thereby you may use ToxRat´s internal editor. However, if you are familiar with MS-Excel®  this may also be applied – ToxRat workbooks are compatible to MS-Excel®.