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ToxRat comes as a validated,  GLP compliant software  for the practitioner who wants to perform statistical analysis of biotests according to international guidelines (OECD, ISO, IOBC, OCSPP). ToxRat acts as an interface between ecotoxicology  and statistics. ToxTat saves time with routine evaluation of biotests and enables correct statistical evaluation of biotests even for not-statisticians.

Biotest specific input sheets

ToxRat knows your biotest. From “A“ for Algae Growth Inhibition Test (OECD 201) to “V“ for Vegetative Vigour Test (NTP, OECD 208). This is why you’ll find the common terms for the variables measured already waiting for you when you enter your data: “cell number“, “offspring number“, “weight“, “emerged“ etc. - specific to each biotest. Even the measurement intervals have been pre-set in accordance with the corresponding guideline. You transfer your measurement results directly into the appropriate evaluation templates. Biotests

Automatic evaluation pursuant to guidelines (OECD, ISO, IOBC, OCSPP)

ToxRat also knows your biotest’s endpoints. So you don’t need to set the individual parameters such as ECx, NOEC and LID manually. ToxRat does all of this for you as a “batch order“ at the press of a button (“RUN”). In just a few steps, your raw data becomes a finished report. Including a validity test, of course. RUN

Expert aspect

ToxRat is full of expert knowledge Your raw data will be checked (pretests on normal distribution and variance homogenity) and, depending on the results, a suitable procedure will be suggested which will lead to the correct results in each case. You can depend on this. And if there are several options, you can choose to follow the experts‘ suggestion. But you don’t have to. Statistics

Integrated reporting

ToxRat generates a comprehensive report with illustrations and tables as an rtf or pdf file. The cover sheet gives the guidelines details and details of the raw data file, the test substance, evaluation date, identification of the PC used (optional) etc. You can adopt the finished format or edit it in a word processing program. Just as you like. View sample report

Validation, GLP conformity and IT security

ToxRat is a completely independent stand-alone software that is installed locally at the user's site. When the programme is started, there is no communication with other software programmes or externally. ToxRat even does not require internet access for operation.
This is a clear advantage compared to cloud-based applications in terms of IT security.

Moreover, ToxRat assists you in meeting quality assurance requirements. Validation

ToxRat – more than statistics.