Introduction to ToxRat features and operation


In this training course you will become familiar to:


ToxRat´s user interface, generell principle / philosophy

The key to ToxRat:
Data templates; evaluation levels: biotest / generic; template types: masterbooks vs workbooks,
structure of data templates: cover page (test design, special cells such as repeated measurements, decimals), input data sheets, do´s and don´ts

Data input (manually, copy-paste), editing templates (replicates, measurement intervals, treatments),

ToxRat´s „brain“: the RUN-Button – what is behind?

Context specific menu – step by step from raw data to report

Which data to evaluate? --> the selections menu

Result tables – how to read and how to to interpret

Optional settings: outlier tests – consequences for the data set? Analysis of variance,

Handling a solvent control

How to select the best fit? How to read the output; acceptance criteria

Default settings – what to do if they do not work?

Check for validity / optional settings: the biotest tab

Original variables – calculated variables -->  data tables

How to edit / export graphics