We are delighted to pass on our knowledge as biologists with statistics expertise to you. In doing so we use plain English. We translate terms from theoretical statistics into the practical requirements in ecotoxicology that you have.


When do I use which test?
How do I know if the evaluation selected is suitable?
Why is this result not significant?
How to design an experiment in order to obtain sound results?

We explain it to you. So that you can then use it.
For when evaluating a biotest, it’s your specialist knowledge as an investigator that’s needed. Statistics are just a tool. Not the other way round.

So you know how it works.

We make it possible for you to make use of statistics.

To this end, we offer pure statistics courses and pure ToxRat trainings as well as combined statistics and software training courses with practical exercises.
We come to you and, by taking examples from your daily work, we develop background knowledge of statistics with your employees. 
There is no minimum number of participants. The content and length are customised to suit you. Please find an example of a statistical training programme, a ToxRat training or a training on Statistical Power analysis
Please contact us for an offer without obligation.