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Common features and differences.

All ToxRat programs offer the same package of statistical methods and procedures which can be selected manually. All ToxRat programs meet GLP requirements, include a validation document and generate a comprehensive report of the results.
The various ToxRat programs differ in the scope and the number of the templates for data input. ToxRat Professional (and Professional XT, respectively) and ToxRat Monitor offer specific data templates which enable automatical evaluation according to specific biotest guidelines. ToxRat Standard offers only generic data templates for manual evaluation. Hence the different ToxRat programs offer different levels of comfort with statistical evaluation.

Feature matrix of ToxRat variants

Feature matrix
Features of the different ToxRat variants: TR Pro = ToxRat Professional, TR Std = ToxRat Standard, TR Mon = ToxRat Monitor


Requirements may change with time. ToxRat changes with them. If the range of evaluation templates that you require changes, simply upgrade your existing ToxRat licence.