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Face to face with statistics


Significantly different

Do you work

... in the field of ecotoxicology and evaluate biotests for industry, research or authorities?

Do you need

... to register, evaluate or authorise substances (REACH)?

Are you looking for

... a user-friendly software that enables correct evaluation of biotests even for non-statistics experts and saves time?


Customized, user-friendly, effective.

ToxRat is a validated, GLP-compliant software for ecotoxicological practice.

Customized data templates combine the content of national and international biotest guidelines with statistical expertise.

One click starts an automated sequence of statistical evaluations and generates comprehensive results including graphs and report.


Your benefit?

You will save time in routine evaluations and you can perform correct statistical evaluation of biotests even as a non-statistician.  


ToxRat is more than a statistics tool.

Behind ToxRat is a small team with great know-how. Knowledge that we are happy to pass on to you.
With our software, with personal and individual support, in customized training courses and by means of statistical evaluations on your request.

We don't just develop software.

We offer guidance at eye level: your interface between statistics and ecotoxicology.