Similarities and differences

All ToxRat variants offer the same package of statistical methods and procedures. All ToxRat variants meet GLP requirements, include a validation document, and produce a comprehensive report of the results.

The different ToxRat variants differ in the type and scope of data templates delivered with the software.
ToxRat Professional and ToxRat Monitor include complete templates for various bioassays and allow their automatic  evaluation with one button click.
ToxRat Standard provides only general data entry templates without reference to a specific guideline.

The different ToxRat variants thus offer different levels of comfort.

Matrix program features

Matrix Program-Features

TR Pro = ToxRat Professional, TR Std = ToxRat Standard, TR Mon = ToxRat Monitor

The matching solution for any requirement.

Requirements can change over time. ToxRat can grow and change with them.
If the range of your required evaluation templates has changed, simply extend your existing ToxRat license.
That' s possible.