Expert system




Experts with a system

ToxRat integrates many years of experience in biology, statistics and ecotoxicology into an expert system for statistical evaluation of biotests.

Commitment based on conviction

As biologists with knowledge in statistics, Toni and Monika Ratte founded ToxRat Solutions GmbH in 2002.
The motivation was the experience that statisticians and biologists often "do not speak the same language" and that statistical tools for environmental sciences are missing.
The self-image as independent scientists and the ambition to make statistics available in a low-threshold and user-friendly way, significantly characterize the philosophy and the concept of ToxRat Solutions.
Since 2022, Dr. Benjamin Daniels strengthens the ToxRat team. He stands for competence and continuity in the sense of the proven ToxRat philosophy and for further development, creativity and growth.

ToxRat – your guide to biotest-statistics

ToxRat is a user-friendly software for users from authorities, research and industry for statistical evaluation of biotests in ecotoxicology.
Nevertheless: ToxRat does not see itself as a software company. We are first and foremost a service provider.
Your interface between ecotoxicology and statistics.
We place the highest value on competent and timely customer service and individual personal assistance.

Reliability warranted.

ToxRat Solutions is and will - quite deliberately - remain a small, owner-operated company.
There are no hierarchies, no complicated structures, no competence gaps. Instead, flexibility, quick reactions, clear competencies.
We feel responsible.
Your advantage: You know exactly who you are dealing with.

Expertise, integrity, reliability.

This is what Prof. Dr. Hans Toni Ratte, Dr. Monika Ratte and Dr. Benjamin Daniels stand for.
Your expert system.

And because we are neither omniscient nor omnipresent, we rely on a network of longtime cooperation partners and competent specialists.