We are happy to share our knowledge as biologists with expertise in statistics with you.
Thereby, we are talking plain and clear.
Get terms from theoretical statistics tranlated for your practical needs in ecotoxicology.


When do I take which test?
How do I know if a chosen evaluation is appropriate?
Why is this result not significant?
How many replicates are needed to statistically prove x% effect?

We will explain it to you. So that you can apply it.   
Because when evaluating a biotest, it is primarily your expertise that is required.
Statistics is only the tool. Not the other way around.

So that you know where to go.

We will enable you to make use of statistics.
To this end, we offer both basic statistics courses and general ToxRat training, as well as combined statistics-software training with practical exercises. In addition, we offer special courses on power analysis and study design.
We work out statistical background knowledge with your employees using examples from your daily practice.

Online format by conviction.

We offer our training courses exclusively online.
The online format not only saves time and money for all the parties involved, but also offers more flexibility, e.g. splitting a course into two half days. We put the travel time saved into even more customization to meet the needs of the participants.
We are very pleased with the response and feel confirmed to continue along this path:

Original commentary participants

"Many thanks from all participants for the great training. There were many discussions during and after the training. The comparison table was reproduced, non-linear regression was tried out, information was passed on... The ToxRat application was filled with life and not just calculated down - as is too often the case in everyday life. We all now go into the evaluations with more understanding. The examples to try out for yourself were highly appreciated." [Translated from german]

"Firstly, please allow me send HUGE THANK YOU!a ! for the wonderful training.  I was just getting some feedback from the team, and this will really add a lot of value to their work and indeed be positive for our clients so please accept my sincere thanks for delivering this so well and in a tailored fashion.  It’s a very hard subject to deliver and everyone was really positive about the content and how it was delivered."

"I would like to thank you for the training. The feedback from the group was very positive. The mixture of theory and practice and their alternation was found to be very good and well balanced   and there was also one or the other "wow- effect"! The training was very useful for our handling and dealing with statistics  and it was a real motivation booster to deal with it even more intensively. So many, many thanks!" [Translated from german]

"It was really clear. Good to see a statistician with great communication skills for the non-statisticians.”

"I wanted to express my thanks to you for organizing this very helpful training. It had been having impact on our work from Day 1 😊. In any case, do keep this up!"


Who? What? When? How many?

If you are interested in a training, just contact us
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Content and time schedule are designed to meet your individual needs.
Here you can find exemplary contents of a Statistics training, a ToxRat training and a Training on statistical power analysis and study design.