We are neither omniscient nor omnipresent. Nor do we have to be.
We are cooperating with a network of specialists in the field of statistics and ecotoxicology.

Prof. Dr. René Lehmann, Number Crunch Statistics

René Lehmann is an economic mathematician with a PhD in statistics.
He worked as a statistician at the German Federal Environmental Agency and teaches at the FOM School of Economics and Management.
His areas of expertise include biostatistics, environmental statistics, environmental state modeling, and experimental design.

Dr. René Lehmann

Dr. Björn Scholz-Starke, Darwin Statistics

Björn Scholz-Starke holds a PhD in biology and environmental science and works as a freelance data scientist.
He has many years of experience in regulatory ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment.
The focus is on the development of powerful statistical methods for the analysis of ecotoxicological laboratory and higher-tier studies.

Dr. Björn Scholz-Starke

Dr. Richard Ottermanns, RWTH Aachen

Richard Ottermanns is a scientist and research group leader at the Institute for Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University. His Computational Ecology group develops mathematical and machine learning algorithms and methods for univariate and multivariate modeling, causal analysis and pattern identification in the life sciences, especially in ecology, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology.

Dr. Richard Ottermanns