Get a taste

Get a taste

Welcome to the demo download area

Please read these hints carefully!

The trial versions are fully functional programs except the saving function. You can enter your own data, change settings and perform evaluations - the only thing you cannot do is saving the results.
The trials can be used for 30 days.  After the 30 days have expired, the software cannot be used or reinstalled as a demo.

How it works step by step.

Please fill out the form below and download your preferred ToxRat variant .

You can of course download different program variants in parallel as demo versions, install and run them in direct comparison.

Close this website; unzip the saved <program name>.zip file and then start the installation process on your PC by clicking on the setup<name>.exe file. To ensure a smooth process, do not change the default settings of the installation program if possible and follow the instructions from the e-mail with which you received this link. .

If the program asks for registration, select the "Demo" button.

Is there anything that does not work? Do you need additional information?

Just ask us.


Version 3.3.0


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